Rosalee Peppard Women's Oral History: Musical, Historical, Unforgettable


2019 marks the 20th Anniversary of my musical oral history work. 

My focus is on continuity, celebrating centuries of women's authentic stories, connecting our present with their past. My work blending women's history, music and performance arts is so humbling and enriching. It is a great equalizer. Gifts of true stories flow generously from women of our past to illuminate our present and offer wisdom to help create a clearer perspective for our future generations of women. From our elders' stories, transcribed through my own poetic and musical gifts, I create a medium of beauty, "Song Portraits" which carry our elders' stories on the "wings of song", much like our oral traditions.  

 I offer musical variety and each presentation is different. I regularly present: my internationally acclaimed musicale: 


which is officially endorsed by the

 Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada;

 HERitage in Story and Song; A Homemade Christmas, as well as other seasonal and custom concerts. 

Whether solo or with other artists, you'll experience:

 Genuine Canadian content ~ Intelligent, Energetic & Fun Entertainment  Historically Accurate Masterful Stories ~ Songs and sing-alongs  

Connecting & Inspiring audiences of all ages  

 In 2017, I was honoured to receive the title of "Heritage Ambassador" of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society.
For Canada 150, the
Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario invited me to create one of my "Song Portraits" of our great Canadian literary giant L.M. Montgomery*. I am very humbled to share that my Canada 150 song-cycle project: "Rosalee Sings Maud", has been officially endorsed by the Heirs of L.M.Montgomery, Inc. 

(*L.M. Montgomery is a registered trademark of the Heirs of L.M.Montgomery, Inc)

 So thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll "click" on in for more. If you have a story or would like to learn more about my work, I'd love to hear from you, just visit my "Contact" page.
To familiar friends, I am so grateful for your support through the years. To new friends, I am delighted you're here!

(fyi: The terrific front page photos are by L.B.Day and Anne Victoria Photography)

In HERitage and Harmony,



Rosalee as Heritage Ambassador of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society
photo by W. Berringer


 Who am I?
1. I am a singer. My voice is strong yet delicate and I have been trained to use the whole thing. I sing in different styles: I love roots, I also love blues, jazz and opera and sing them all in my folk-fusion style. My voice and art are unique.
2. I am a poet. I started lisping life in poems at age 3. I love to distill life into potent poetry. I love to taste words and phrases, to say and sing them until they quicken in others ears and imaginations. In Spoken Word and in Song, I am a poet.
3. I am a composer of music. Along with life's lyrics come its tunes. I hear music in words and phrases. Melodies leak from life as readily as tears of joy or sorrow. My music is singable, both serious and silly.
4. I am a musical, women's oral historian. Since 1999 I have been honoured to listen to our elder women, record and research their stories, write them in song and perform them for international audiences. I am passionate about imparting women's stories. They are the foundation of how our societies work. They are the largest majority of unsung heroes. They are the Grand Mothers of our country. I am passionate about our women's oral history and love sharing our stories.

Rosalee singing at Pier 21, Halifax, NS
Photo by J. Stone



Nova Scotian, Rosalee Peppard and her effervescent art are truly unique: A musical women's historian, Rosalee collects and transcribes an authentic living echo of the voices of Canadian women she interviews and researches. She crafts their stories into "Song Portraits", and shares them powerfully in her “Hauntingly beautiful live performance”.  

Inspirational, Educational, Motivational

Through a variety of musical voices - from Folk to Blues to Opera - themes of Love, Literacy, Triumph over loss and shame, Heritage and humour, all soar on Rosalee’s shimmering voice, self-accompanied on guitars and dulcimers. Rosalee connects listeners with our poignant, "living" past. She colours each show with her exciting interpretations of traditional and popular songs we all know and love, and polishes each concert with the light of laughter and fun.

Rosalee loves to share the secret of these voices and has great joy in teaching the history, literary and music composition, in her concerts, or her speaking/singing presentations, as well as vocal and writing workshops.

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CD Songs about Home, Maritime HERitage in Song


CD Songs about Acadian Francophonie, German, Celtic, Canadian Heroines


CD Songs by Rosalee and covers about Literacy, Me Too, Ethnic equality, Strength in the face of adversity -and Love.


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